Carbide Mulcher Teeth

Why Mulching Contractors Needs CMT Mulcher Teeth

If you are in the mulching industry, then one of the crucial things you need to consider is the cutter tools used on your machine. There are all options of mulching cutter tools in the market and what you need to select the best option. Fortunately, the market has everything you need and to select from.

There are many brands out there in the market, but there are some that offer incredible quality and value for money. One of these brands is CMT. They are an aftermarket manufacturer producing some of the best quality mulching teeth. Here are some of the reasons why mulching contractors should invest in CMT mulcher teeth.

Quality Mulcher Teeth

One of the biggest benefits that contractor get when they invest in CMT mulcher teeth is quality mulching tools. The manufacturer has been producing high-quality mulching parts, and that’s why they are growing popular in the market. As an aftermarket manufacturer, they have been using some of the best quality materials and technology for the construction of mulcher teeth. These are just some of the ways the CMT has been able to offer the best quality mulcher teeth.

Durable Parts

The lifespan of the machine is one crucial factor that you need to consider when buying machine parts. Therefore, when buying mulcher teeth for your mulching machines, you need to consider the issue of durability. That is what investing in CMT mulcher teeth provides. The manufacturer us high-quality materials such as 42CRMO steel and tungsten carbide for the construction of their parts. These are materials that offer incredible durability properties.

Affordable Mulcher Tools

The biggest benefit that mulching contractors going for CMT mulcher teeth enjoy is affordable tools. As an aftermarket, the manufacturer sells their mulcher teeth at a lower price than most of the original parts. The main reason for the cheaper part is because the producer has been able to lower the cost of production. So, they can produce at a lower cost without affecting the quality of the machine wear parts.


The other benefit that mulching contractors enjoy after investing in CMT mulcher teeth is tool availability. The company has a very active shipping department that ensures orders are delivered within the shortest time possible. So, you can expect to have none or very short downtime if there will be any. That’s something that any mulching contractor looks for.