Duratech Grinder’s Expert Maintenance Tips

Duratech Grinder’s Expert Maintenance Tips

If you want to use your Duratech grinder for a longer time, you need to consider maintenance seriously. But that is something most people don’t take seriously as it should. In fact, most machine users rarely follow the provided maintenance schedule.

Proper maintenance of Duratech grinder and other brands helps to keep them in the best condition possible. You always give your machine a new life every to maintain. But what the key things that are entailed in maintaining a Duratech grinder machine? Check out the following:

Use As Recommended

One of the crucial things you need to consider is applying the machine and, more so, what it is designed for. This is one thing that most people struggle with even today. They just keep grinding any wood they come across with, asking if the machine is designed for it. Manufacturers always provide application specifications for all the machines they release. For the grinder machine, the use is based on the diameter of the wood. If it’s 3 inches, do not exceed it.

Proper Lubrication

Make sure that you have done your lubrication properly. This is another crucial factor you need to consider seriously. For all machines that have moving parts, you need to have them properly lubricated to reduce friction, wear and tears. For the Duratech grinder, the manufacturer must have recommended the best quality oil for lubrication. It is upon you to ensure that you are getting that oil. Don’t compromise on quality.

Regular Cleaning

Make the cleaning of your Duratech grinder a common thing if you want to maintain it in perfect condition for long. This is a very important maintenance tip that will cost you almost nothing. Just water and soap will be enough. When you clean is the most important thing. For proper cleaning, if the grinding machine, do it immediately after grinding.

Regular Check-Ups

There are many things that can go wrong when grinding. Blades can get cracked or broken, or even loose. That’s why regular check-ups of the machine are highly recommended. Make sure that you have checked the condition of the blades first because they are the most affected. If faulty, have them repaired immediately.

Make Replacements

Another maintenance tip for your Duratech grinder is to make the replacement for worn-out parts. If you don’t replace the worn-out machine parts, they will wreck more damages to the machine. In fact, more parts will start wearing out. But make replacement with quality parts as well.